(Via Barilatti 38 - Zona Palombare - Ancona, Italy)


Art Gallery Café Teatrino del Guasco

(Via Matas 21 - Vicolo Bonarelli - Ancona, Italy)



Starting from 30 September and until the half of November, all the selected shorts forms under 3 minutes
(60 seconds and ShortShorts) will be screened in loop at CircolOff​, in Ancona (local event).
This will create a high level of attention for the final week (international event), when all the works will be screened.

The final week will take place from 14 to 19 November at Art Gallery Caffe' Teatrino del Guasco​ (Ancona).

The authors are invited to join the international week in November.
Award evening will take place on 19 November.
You have all the time to schedule your trip to Ancona.
Congratulations to all the selected authors.
See you soon!

UGFF is a festival showcasing independent films and filmmakers from around the world.
Weird/trash/noir/black comedy/horror/thriller movies.
All movies with dialogues or voice over must include English or Italian subtitles.
Full HD (1080p) files submitted via DropBox or Wetransfer.
Possibly a Full HD in H.264 Mpeg4 compressed format. No super-heavy pro-res!

UGFF è un festival che promuove film e filmmakers indipendenti da tutto il mondo.
I generi sono weird/trash/noir/black comedy/horror/thriller.
I file per la proiezione pubblica Full HD (1080p) devono essere preferibilmente inviati via DropBox or Wetransfer.
Possibilmente in formato Full HD in H.264 Mpeg4 compresso. Non inviate pesantissimi pro-res!